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Earther 2021-03-04

New Satellite Images Show Earth's Latest Gigantic Iceberg

Behold A-74, an enormous iceberg that broke away from the Brunt Ice Shelf in Antarctica late last month. British Antarctic Survey scientists reported the birth of the iceberg on Feb. 26. Here’s what we know about the new ‘berg and where it could go.

Earther 2021-03-04
Climate Change Is Killing Butterflies in the American West

Butterflies play essential role in pollinating wild plants and crops. Which makes a new study published in Science on Thursday such bad news. It shows the climate crisis is posing an existential threat to their survival, particularly in the American West.

Earther 2021-03-04
Man Who Oversaw Texas Blackouts Shown the Door

A Texas power grid oversight official who held the spectacularly wishful belief that he could keep his job after the state's power grid nearly failed and led to dozens of deaths has been fired and utility bills Texans will be paying for decades.

Bloomberg 2021-03-04
Biden’s Interior Pick Squeaks Through Panel Amid Oil Ban Fears

The Senate energy committee voted along near party lines to advance President Joe Biden’s Interior secretary nominee, over the objections of Republicans who said Deb Haaland’s past opposition to fossil fuels made her unfit to serve as the chief U.S. manager of hundreds of millions of acres of federal land.

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