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AP 2023-05-30
Tesla's Musk meets Chinese foreign minister, who calls for 'mutual respect' in US-China relations

China’s foreign minister has met Tesla CEO Elon Musk and said U.S.-Chinese relations require “mutual respect” while touting the promise of the country’s electric vehicle industry. U.S.-Chinese relations are especially tense after Washington shot down a Chinese balloon that was believed to be gathering intelligence and warned Beijing against supplying arms to Russia for its war against Ukraine. Qin Gang said the two governments “need to keep the steering wheel in the right direction of mutual respect, peaceful coexistence and win-win cooperation.” He gave no details of steps to improve relations. Musk’s visit comes at a time when the ruling Communist Party is trying to revive investor interest in China's slowing economy.

AP 2023-06-01
Renewable energy surges, driven by solar boom and high fuel prices, report finds

The world is set to add a record amount of renewable electricity capacity this year as governments and consumers seek to offset high energy prices and take advantage of a boom in solar power. The International Energy Agency said Thursday that high fossil fuel prices and concerns about energy security had boosted the rollout of solar and wind power installations, which are expected to reach 440 gigawatts in 2023. That’s about a third more than the world added the previous year, taking the global installed capacity to 4,500 GW, roughly the combined total power output of the United States and China combined. Shifting the global economy away from fossil fuels is one of the most important steps for reducing greenhouse gas emissions underlying global warming.

AP 2023-06-01

Debt ceiling deal advances pipeline and tweaks environmental rules. But more work remains.

Despite weeks of negotiations, the White House and House Republicans were unable to reach a comprehensive agreement to overhaul environmental regulations and streamline federal permitting as part of their budget deal. Although the measure falls short of the comprehensive overhaul that the White House has been seeking, it still is expected to speed up infrastructure projects and limit reviews that have bogged down construction. President Joe Biden has sought the changes to clear the way for clean energy initiatives to help reach his climate goals. However, the legislation has frustrated some environmentalists, especially because it advances construction of the Mountain Valley Pipeline, which would carry natural gas through Appalachia.

AP 2023-06-01

Boeing signs alternative fuel deal with Los Angeles startup to cut carbon footprint

A Los Angeles startup that is designing facilities to remove carbon dioxide from the ocean says it has struck a pre-purchase agreement with Boeing. Equatic says it will provide the aerospace giant with a byproduct of the carbon removal process to help it cut emissions from planes. The carbon removal company says the deal is a pre-purchase agreement for the hydrogen that it produces when it removes the greenhouse gas from the ocean. The green hydrogen could then be used as a component in sustainable aviation fuel. Aviation currently accounts for about 2.5% of worldwide emissions of the greenhouse gas that contributes to global warming.

AP 2023-05-31

Born in a typhoon: Many, including newborns, remain without electricity as Guam recovers from storm

Reports are emerging from Guam about the damage left behind by Typhoon Mawar. About a week after the storm hit, 28% of the island has electricity. Officials say 44% of cell phone towers are functional and about half the water system is operational. There are long lines for gas and officials estimate it will be four to six weeks before power is fully restored. Federal officials don't yet know exactly how many homes were destroyed. High school graduations are indefinitely postponed across Guam. Mothers who gave birth amid the storm are among those returning to homes with no electricity to cool down the muggy heat.

AP 2023-05-31
Facing sweltering summers, California's Newsom floats plan for state to buy energy

California Gov. Gavin Newsom wants the state to purchase massive amounts of renewable energy. Utility companies in California are responsible for buying their own power. But they have not been buying geothermal or offshore wind energy. That type of energy is difficult and expensive to produce. The Democratic governor wants the state to buy the power itself. The state would pay for it by putting a charge on people's power bills. It would take several years for that charge to take effect. Advocates say it would eventually bring prices down. But some utilities worry Newsom's plan could disrupt the energy market and increase costs. The proposal is pending in the legislature.

UN 2023-05-30
WMO makes urgent call to action over melting cryosphere

Global warming’s devastating effects on the world’s sea ice, icebergs and glaciers – part of what is known as the cryosphere – need to be better understood and mitigated, according to the World Meteorological Organization (WMO).  

Reuters 2023-05-31

US Supreme Court rulings darken forecast for EPA powers

In a span of 11 months, the U.S. Supreme Court has delivered a one-two punch against the Environmental Protection Agency's ability to combat air and water pollution in twin rulings that cloud future EPA regulatory moves, according to legal experts.

Independent 2023-05-23

Rome’s Trevi Fountain turns black in Rome climate protest against fossil fuels

Climate activists in Rome turned the Trevi Fountain water black on Sunday (21 May) to protest against fossil fuels. Members of the Ultima Generazione (translated as Last Generation) poured what they said was vegetable ‘charcoal’ into the fountain, at the bottom of the city’s Spanish steps, shouting “our country is dying”. Police removed the activists from the water in front of a group of Romans and visitors. “Ultima Generazione” have organised several acts of civil disobedience in Italy and sprayed some works of art and blocked some highways. Sign up to our free climate newsletter here