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2021-11-29 17:35
Climate News CO2: 413.93 ppm
LY: 411.51 ppm
Reuters 2021-11-29

EU reaches for hydrogen stars as economics shift

The cost of producing green hydrogen with renewable energy is set to fall and the capacity to produce it in Europe and nearby countries will likely surpass current targets by 2030, European Union officials said on Monday.

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CNBC 2021-11-21
Why EV investors can't ignore Rivian or Apple, according to analysts

While Rivian's valuation is extremely high, DataTreck co-founder Nick Colas does not see it as a bubble. Watch the video to find out what Colas thinks about Apple's car announcement, Rivian's volatility and how investors should consider the way legacy automakers will compete in the new EV marketplace.

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