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AP 2023-06-01

Boeing signs alternative fuel deal with Los Angeles startup to cut carbon footprint

A Los Angeles startup that is designing facilities to remove carbon dioxide from the ocean says it has struck a pre-purchase agreement with Boeing. Equatic says it will provide the aerospace giant with a byproduct of the carbon removal process to help it cut emissions from planes. The carbon removal company says the deal is a pre-purchase agreement for the hydrogen that it produces when it removes the greenhouse gas from the ocean. The green hydrogen could then be used as a component in sustainable aviation fuel. Aviation currently accounts for about 2.5% of worldwide emissions of the greenhouse gas that contributes to global warming.

AP 2023-05-30
Delta Air Lines hit with lawsuit over claims of carbon neutrality

A consumer class action lawsuit filed Tuesday claims Delta Air Lines inaccurately billed itself as the world’s “first carbon-neutral airline” and should pay damages. The complaint in federal court in California alleges the airline relied on carbon offsets that were largely bogus. Polluting companies often buy carbon credits to cancel out their emissions with projects that promise to absorb carbon dioxide out of the air, or prevent pollution. They’ve been under increasing scrutiny amid claims that benefits are exaggerated. The California resident who filed the lawsuit says she would not have flown Delta had she known more about the credits on which the airline relied.